Jim's Glossary
You may not agree with the definitions posted below.  These are provided for entertainment purposes only.


Mission Statement:

For those who can't read latin it says,

A Life:  Something you need to get if you're reading this.

AR:  Automatic Rifle, originally meaning a rifle that could fire fully automatic, such as an M-16 or model such as AR-15, but now seems to define any guns that holds more than 10 rds.

AWB:  Assault Weapons Ban.  If you can explain this so it makes sense you have serious problems.

Beta Mag:  Double drum 100 rd capacity magazines for AR-15, M-16 weapons.

BOHICA:  Bend Over Here It Comes Again.    This could be any politicians campaign slogan.

BUFF:  Big Ugly Fat F@#$er.   Pet name associated with B-52 bombers.

Christians in Action:   SEAL term for the Central Intelligence Agency

DUFF:  Dumb Ugly Fat F@#$er.   Pretty much explains itself.

DUFFY:  Dumb Ugly Fat F@#$ing Yahoo.   When DUFF just isn't enough.

Goat F@#$:  Another term for FUBAR.

M-16 A1:  First Model of the M-16 weapons system used by the U.S. Military.

M-16 A-2:  Currently used by the Armed Forces.  Upgraded version of the M-16 A1.

M249 SAW:  Belt fed 5.56 mm machine gun.

M240:  308 FN MFG machine gun.

M-4 Carbine:  The Sweetest M-16 rifle you could hope to shoot.  Comes in several versions with unlimited attachments- including night vision, grenade launcher, 12 ga. shotgun- our favorite.

RPG:  Rocket Propelled Grenade

SAS:  British Special Air Service

Shitstorm:  When everything that can go wrong..... DOES!

SOF:  Special Operations Force

Willy Peter:  White Phosphorus.   Could be grenades or artillery shells.

XM177:  Full Auto M-16 CAR.   First used in the Vietnam War.

The FU's:  Important enough words to have an entire section devoted to it.

SNAFUSituation Normal All F@#$ed Up

TARFUThings Are Really F@#$ed Up

FUBARF@#$ed Up Beyond All Repair

ClusterF@#$:  Situation that starts with SNAFU and quickly surpasses TARFU and FUBAR.