Colt 6920 M4 Carbine

5.53mm Caliber

16" 1x7 barrel CL, factory painted battle worn flag,  M16BCG,  4 position stock, 1 Pmag, new in box and manual.


Rock River Arms LAR-15 Mountain Gun

5.56/.223 caliber

16" 1x9 light weight barrel,14" lightweight rail, cryo treated barrel, 2 stage trigger, Hogue  grip, winter trigger guard and six position stock.  New w/case and manual.


Armalite AR-10A

308 Cal.

16" 1x11.25 CL LWT Barrel.  ^ Position stock, uses magpul P mags.  New in Box w/manual and 1 20rd mag.


Rock River Arms LAR-15

5.56mm/.233 caliber

16" 1x9 fluted barrel w/tactical brake.  Delta handguard, 2 stage trigger, 6 position Delta stock.  New w/case, manual and 2-30rd magazines


Springfield Armory Saint

5.56mm/.223 cal.

16" 1x8 melonite treated barrel, stainless trigger and hammer.  Bravo company handguard, grip and 6 position stock w/ H buffer.  New in box, manual and 30rd mag.


Black Rain Fallout 15

5.56mm/.223 Caliber

Billet upper & lower, CNC machined.  16" 1x7 barrel, mono brake, anti walk pins and nickle Boron BC group.  Magpul stock, grip, AFG, test fired like new.  Comes w/case, sling and 30rd mag.


Adams Arms AA-15

5.56mm/.223 cal

Piston operated M4 Rifle, m-16 bolt group, 6 position stock, new in box w/manual and 30rd mag.


Rock River Arms A4 Rifle

5.56mm/.223 Cal.

20" 1x9 Barrel, wylde chamber and cryo treated. Match trigger with A2 operater stock. New in box, w/ manual and 30rd mag.


Rock River Arms Elite Operater II

5.56mm/.223 caliber

16" 1x9 barrel, half quad rails, folding steel front site, 2 stage 4.5 lb. trigger, 6 position stock and 3 rail covers.  New w/case, manual and 1-30 rd magazine




Rock River Arms ATH Rifle

5.56mm/.223 caliber

18"1x8 match barrel, ML gas system, chrome B/C, 3.5 match trigger, half quad rail handguard and 6 position stock.  New w/case, manual and 20 rd magazine




Anderson Am-15

5.56/.223 Caliber

16" 1X8 barrel, 6 position Milspec stock, ambi-sling plate, new with box , manual and 30rd magazine.


RRA R-3 Competition Rifle

5.56/.223 Cal

18" 1x8 Fluted  cryo barrel treated barrel, Tro rail system, 3# match trigger, operater stock and tuned comp brake.  New w/case with manual and 30rd mag.




Colt 6920 M4 Carbine

5.56mm caliber

16" 1x7 CL, military profile barrel w/Centurian M-Lock 13" free float rail, M16 BCG, H- buffer, 4 position stock, new in box w/manual and 1 30rd Pmag.


Colt LE Carbine

5.56/.223 Cal.

16" 1x7 CL, M4 barrel, 4 position mil spec stock and Magpul rear sight. New in box w/manual and 30 rd magazine


Colt LE Carbine

5.56/.223 Caliber

16" 1x7  Barrel, 4 Position Milspec Stock Kit, Magpul rear sight, new with box, manual and 30rd magazine.


RRA Tactical Carbine

5.56/.223 Caliber

16" 1x9 Fluted Barrel with Tactical Break

RRA front flip sight, 2 Stage match trigger, delta quad rail, 6 position NSP stock, new with case, manual, 2-30rd magazines.



RRA Elite Carbine

5.56/.223 Caliber

16" 1x9 mid-length barrel, 6 position stock, A2 sight, standard trigger, new with case, manual and 30rd magazine.



Rock River Arms A4 Rifle

5.56mm/.223 Caliber

16" 1x9 Barrel, 2 Stage match trigger, like new with case, manual and 30rd magazine.




Rock River Arms Mid Length A4 Carbine

5.56mm/.223 Caliber

16" 1x9 Barrel, Mid Length Gas Tube, 2 Stage Match Trigger,  6 Position Operator Stock, New with Case, Manual and 30rd Magazine