Mossberg 590-A1 AOW

12ga. 2 3/4"-3"

10 inch barrel, 3+1 capacity and folding grip.  AOW-$5.00 tax stamp.



Rock River Arms SBR

5.56/.223 Caliber

7" 1x7 Chrome lined barrel, free float quad rail, magpul stock, grip VFG and covers.  New w/case, manual and 30rd mag.



Rock River Arms SBR

5.56/.223 Caliber

10 1/2 "  1x7 Chrome Lined Barrel

2-Stage Match Trigger, 6 Position Stock

New with Manual and 30rd Magazine


Silencer Co Hybrid 46

Multi Caliber-5.56mm, .458 SoCom, .45-70, .338 mag, .308/7.62

This one does it all.

Silencer Co Harvester

.30/7.62 Caliber


300 win mag rated


Silencer Co Osprey

Multi - Caliber with Interchangable Pistons

Length - 8.625"

Weight - 11.1 oz

Hard Coat Anadized



Silencer Co Sparrow

.22 LR, 17 HMR, .22 Mag, .22 Hornet, .22 WMR, 5.7x28

Stainless Steel

Full Auto Rated

41db Reduction



Silencer Co Specwar

7.62/.308 Caliber

QD Silencer with ASR Mount

Lifetime Warranty

New with Box



Silencer Co 

Saker 762/556

Length - 7.5

Weight -  20.7 oz

Rated for Full Auto Fire

New with box, manual and mount

AAC/Advanced Armament M4 - 2000

Length - 6.625"

Weight - 17.6 oz

Add 5.1" Length

Full Auto Rated

Includes Mount

Gemtech GM-45

Multi Caliber- 45acp, 40 S&W, 10mm, 9mm

Multi thread mounts, Full auto rated.


DBR- 21-23dbr

Direct thread monting

Gemtech GMT - Halo

5.56/.223 Caliber

Length - 7.2"

Weight - 12.2 oz

Diameter - 1.5"

29 db Reduction

Full Auto Rated

Titanium and Inconel

A1 and A2 Flash Hider Mount



Kriss Vector Defiance

.45 acp caliber

7.7 inches, full auto rated.  New w/case and manual.


YHM Phantom M2

.30 caliber

5/8x24 thread, .17hmr thru 300RUM, full auto rated. 32db reduction.



Silencer Thread Adapters, Mounts, Wraps and Accessories Available