Anything Class 3, we can order for you.

Mossberg 590-A1 AOW

12ga. 2 3/4"-3"

10 inch barrel, 3+1 capacity and folding grip.  AOW-$5.00 tax stamp.



Rock River Arms SBR

5.56/.223 Caliber

7" 1x7 Chrome lined barrel, free float quad rail, magpul stock, grip VFG and covers.  New w/case, manual and 30rd mag.



Rock River Arms SBR

5.56/.223 Caliber

10 1/2 "  1x7 Chrome Lined Barrel

2-Stage Match Trigger, 6 Position Stock

New with Manual and 30rd Magazine


Silencer Co Osprey

Multi - Caliber with Interchangable Pistons

Length - 8.625"

Weight - 11.1 oz

Hard Coat Anadized



Silencer Co Salvo-12

12 ga Silencer

Wadded Shot or Slugs

Mounts to internal Choke Threads

Mount Nut Included

New with Wood Case and Manual



Silencer Co Octane 45

9mm-45ACP, including 300 BLK Subsonic

Lengh - 8.50

Weight - 12.1oz

Rated for Full Auto Fire

New with pouch, box and manual


Silencer Co Sparrow

.22 LR, 17 HMR, .22 Mag, .22 Hornet, .22 WMR, 5.7x28

Stainless Steel

Full Auto Rated

41db Reduction



Silencer Co Specwar

7.62/.308 Caliber

QD Silencer with ASR Mount

Lifetime Warranty

New with Box



Silencer Co 

Saker 762/556

Length - 7.5

Weight -  20.7 oz

Rated for Full Auto Fire

New with box, manual and mount


AAC/Advanced Armament M4 - 2000

Length - 6.625"

Weight - 17.6 oz

Add 5.1" Length

Full Auto Rated

Includes Mount

Gemtech GMT - Halo

5.56/.223 Caliber

Length - 7.2"

Weight - 12.2 oz

Diameter - 1.5"

29 db Reduction

Full Auto Rated

Titanium and Inconel

A1 and A2 Flash Hider Mount



Kriss Vector Defiance

.45 acp caliber

7.7 inches, full auto rated.  New w/case and manual.


YHM Phantom M2

.30 caliber

5/8x24 thread, .17hmr thru 300RUM, full auto rated. 32db reduction.



Silencer Thread Adapters, Mounts, Wraps and Accessories Available